Comprehensive Guide to Tennis Court Construction with Pacecourt Materials

Pacecourt, renowned for its expertise in sports flooring, provides a full spectrum of high-quality materials for tennis court construction. Their global experience of over 11 years and a strong network of over 200 dealers who can perform installations make them a top choice in the industry. Below is a detailed table of the material costs manufactured by Pacecourt, essential for building a tennis court:

MaterialCost per Kilogram
PACE Court Concrete PrimerRs. 150
PACE Court Acrylic ResurfacerRs. 128
PACE Court Cushion CoatRs. 128
PACE Court Acrylic ColorRs. 168
PACE Court Line MarkingRs. 199
PACE Court Silica SandRs. 12

Key Components in Tennis Court Construction

  • Pacecourt Concrete Primer: This is the first step in preparing the court surface, ensuring a strong foundation.
  • Pacecourt  Acrylic Resurfacer: Applied after the primer, it creates a smooth, even base for subsequent layers.
  • Pacecourt  Cushion Coat: Provides a layer of comfort and enhances the durability of the court.
  • Pacecourt  Acrylic Color: This top layer gives the court its final color and texture.
  • Pacecourt  Line Marking: Used for accurate and durable court lines.
  • Pacecourt  Silica Sand: Added for texture and slip resistance, enhancing player safety.

Customization and Installation Services

While Pacecourt specializes in providing the necessary materials, they do not undertake the installation of courts. However, their customization options allow clients to choose from a variety of colors, tailoring the court to their specific preferences. Clients can utilize Pacecourt’s vast dealer network for installation services, ensuring professional and efficient court construction.


Pacecourt’s comprehensive range of tennis court construction materials, combined with its expertise and global dealer network, offers a reliable solution for building high-quality tennis courts. By using Pacecourt’s products, clients can ensure that every aspect of their tennis court, from foundation to finish, meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

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