how to fold money for ridge wallet

Folding money to fit into a Ridge Wallet is a simple process. The Ridge Wallet is designed to hold cards and folded cash securely. Here’s how to fold your money to fit neatly into a Ridge Wallet:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Ridge Wallet
  • Cash bills

Steps to Fold Money for a Ridge Wallet:

  1. Select Your Bills:
    • Decide how much cash you want to carry in your Ridge Wallet. Choose the bills you wish to fold and insert into the wallet.
  2. Straighten the Bills:
    • Before folding, ensure that your bills are flat and free from wrinkles or creases.
  3. Fold in Half Lengthwise:
    • Take one of your cash bills and fold it in half lengthwise. This means bringing the shorter edges of the bill together, aligning them as closely as possible. This fold should result in a long, narrow strip of cash.
  4. Fold in Half Again:
    • Now, fold the long strip in half once more, this time folding it along its length. You’ll end up with a smaller, folded rectangle that should fit easily into the card slots of your Ridge Wallet.
  5. Insert into the Wallet:
    • Slide the folded cash into one of the card slots in your Ridge Wallet. You may need to adjust the fold slightly to ensure it fits comfortably. The Ridge Wallet is designed to securely hold folded cash in place.
  6. Repeat for Additional Bills:
    • If you’re carrying multiple bills, repeat the folding process for each bill you want to store in your Ridge Wallet. Slide them into separate card slots as needed.
  7. Arrange Your Cards:
    • In addition to your folded cash, the Ridge Wallet is designed to hold your cards in an organized and secure manner. Insert your cards into the other card slots as desired.
  8. Secure Your Ridge Wallet:
    • Close the Ridge Wallet securely to keep your cash and cards in place. The wallet’s elastic band or money clip will help keep everything secure.

Now, your cash is neatly folded and ready to be carried in your Ridge Wallet. This minimalist wallet design is ideal for those who prefer a compact and organized way to carry their essential cards and cash.

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