how to keep squirrels out of my garage

Keeping squirrels out of your garage can be challenging, but with some preventative measures, you can make your garage less attractive to these critters. Here are steps you can take to deter squirrels from entering your garage:

  1. Seal Entry Points:
    • Inspect your garage for any gaps, cracks, or openings that squirrels could use to get inside. Seal these entry points with materials like caulk, weatherstripping, or hardware cloth.
  2. Install Vent Covers:
    • Cover vents and openings in your garage with sturdy hardware cloth or metal mesh. Make sure the mesh has small enough openings to prevent squirrels from squeezing through.
  3. Repair Damaged Garage Doors:
    • Check for any damage or gaps around your garage doors, and repair or replace weatherstripping as needed. Make sure the garage doors close tightly.
  4. Keep Doors and Windows Closed:
    • Whenever possible, keep garage doors and windows closed, especially when you’re not actively using the garage.
  5. Install Motion-Activated Lights or Alarms:
    • Install motion-activated lights or alarms in your garage. Sudden light or noise can startle squirrels and deter them from entering.
  6. Use Scent Deterrents:
    • Squirrels dislike certain scents, such as peppermint, cayenne pepper, or predator urine (available at garden supply stores). Spray these scents around potential entry points and inside the garage.
  7. Remove Attractants:
    • Store pet food, birdseed, and other potential squirrel attractants in airtight containers or secure storage. Squirrels are often drawn to garages by the scent of food.
  8. Keep the Garage Clean:
    • Regularly clean up any spilled food, crumbs, or trash in the garage that might attract squirrels.
  9. Trim Trees and Overhanging Branches:
    • Trim trees and shrubs near the garage to reduce the chances of squirrels jumping onto the roof or finding an easy path inside.
  10. Use Traps:
    • Consider using live traps or professional pest control services if you have a persistent squirrel problem. Release trapped squirrels far away from your property.
  11. Block Off Climbing Routes:
    • Install squirrel baffles or barriers on any downspouts, wires, or pipes that squirrels might use to access your garage.
  12. Make Noise or Create Disturbances:
    • If you spot a squirrel inside your garage, make noise, bang on objects, or create disturbances to encourage it to leave. Once it leaves, seal the entry point it used.
  13. Consult a Professional:
    • If your squirrel problem is severe or persistent, consider hiring a pest control professional who specializes in wildlife removal. They can assess the situation and provide appropriate solutions.

It’s important to address squirrel infestations promptly, as they can cause damage to your garage, chew through wiring, and create nests in insulation. Taking preventative measures and regularly maintaining your garage can help reduce the likelihood of squirrels gaining access to your property.

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