how to keep your car cool in arizona

Keeping your car cool in the extreme heat of Arizona is essential for comfort and the well-being of your vehicle. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat and maintain a cooler car interior:

  1. Use Sunshades or Reflective Covers:
    • Place a sunshade or reflective cover on your car’s windshield and rear window when parked. This helps block the sun’s heat from entering the vehicle.
  2. Park in the Shade:
    • Whenever possible, park your car in the shade. Seek out shaded parking spots, such as under trees, buildings, or covered parking structures.
  3. Tinted Windows:
    • Consider getting your car’s windows professionally tinted. Window tinting can significantly reduce the amount of heat and sunlight that enters the vehicle.
  4. Crack Windows Slightly:
    • When parked, crack your windows slightly to allow hot air to escape. Be cautious about security and weather conditions when doing this.
  5. Use a Windshield Heat Reflector:
    • Place a heat-reflective windshield cover inside your car when parked. This helps keep the interior temperature down.
  6. Cover Leather or Vinyl Seats:
    • If your car has leather or vinyl seats, use seat covers or towels to protect them from getting too hot and uncomfortable.
  7. Cooling Seat Cushions:
    • Invest in cooling seat cushions that use fans or gel to keep your seats comfortable during hot weather.
  8. Install Vent Visors:
    • Vent visors allow you to crack the windows slightly while parked without worrying about rain or theft.
  9. Regularly Service Your AC:
    • Ensure your car’s air conditioning system is in good working condition. Schedule regular maintenance to keep it functioning efficiently.
  10. Use a Windshield Sun Visor:
    • When parked, use a sun visor or sunshade for the rear window and side windows, not just the windshield.
  11. Park Strategically:
    • Park your car facing away from the sun, if possible, to reduce direct sunlight exposure to the interior.
  12. Use Remote Start:
    • If your car has remote start capabilities, use it to start your car and cool down the interior before you get in.
  13. Keep the Interior Clean:
    • A clean car interior reflects less sunlight, which can help keep it cooler.
  14. Cover the Steering Wheel and Gear Shift:
    • Use a cloth or steering wheel cover to protect your hands from hot surfaces when driving.
  15. Stay Hydrated:
    • Keep a supply of water in your car to stay hydrated while driving in hot weather.
  16. Consider Window Vent Shades:
    • Window vent shades allow you to keep your windows slightly open for ventilation while parked without exposing the interior.
  17. Use Seatbelt Covers:
    • Consider seatbelt covers to prevent seatbelt buckles from getting too hot to touch.
  18. Regularly Replace Cabin Air Filters:
    • A clean cabin air filter helps the AC system work efficiently and keeps the air inside your car cooler.
  19. Use Reflective Car Covers:
    • When parked for an extended period, consider using a reflective car cover to protect the entire vehicle from the sun.

Remember that the Arizona heat can be extremely intense, so it’s important to take precautions to protect yourself and your vehicle. Additionally, never leave pets, children, or valuable items in a parked car in extreme heat, as temperatures can quickly become dangerously high inside the vehicle.

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