how to lace thorogood boots

Lacing Thorogood boots is a straightforward process, and there are various lacing techniques you can use depending on your preferences and the type of boots you have. Here’s a basic guide on how to lace Thorogood boots using a traditional crisscross lacing method:

Materials Needed:

  • Thorogood boots


  1. Prepare Your Boots:
    • Ensure that your Thorogood boots are unlaced and open wide enough for your foot to comfortably slide in.
  2. Start at the Bottom:
    • Begin by inserting one end of the shoelace through the bottom eyelet or hook from the outside of the boot, so the lace comes in from the bottom and out to the inside.
  3. Even Lengths:
    • Make sure both lace ends are even in length.
  4. Crisscross Lacing:
    • Take the right lace and insert it through the next eyelet or hook on the opposite side, bringing it out to the inside of the boot.
    • Take the left lace and do the same, inserting it through the next eyelet or hook on the opposite side.
  5. Repeat the Crisscross:
    • Continue crisscrossing the laces up the boot, ensuring that the laces are snug but not overly tight.
  6. Tighten as Needed:
    • As you lace up, periodically stop to adjust the tightness. Make sure the boot feels comfortably snug around your foot and ankle.
  7. Lace All Eyelets or Hooks:
    • Keep crisscrossing and lacing up until you’ve reached the top of the boot, lacing through all the eyelets or hooks.
  8. Secure the Laces:
    • At the top of the boot, you can tie the laces in a double knot to secure them. Alternatively, you can use a bow knot if you prefer an easier way to untie your boots.
  9. Adjust for Comfort:
    • Once you’ve laced and secured your Thorogood boots, walk around to ensure they are comfortable and provide the right level of support.
  10. Trim Excess Lace (Optional):
    • If you have a lot of excess lace after tying your boots, you can trim it to a more manageable length. Be careful not to cut it too short.

Remember that there are various lacing techniques you can use, and some people prefer different methods for different purposes. For example, some methods may provide better ankle support or allow for quicker lacing and unlacing. Experiment with different lacing techniques to find the one that suits your comfort and style preferences best.

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