how to lace up a wedding dress

Lacing up a wedding dress, especially if it has a corset-style back, can be a bit intricate but creates a beautiful and adjustable fit. Here’s how to lace up a wedding dress:

Materials Needed:

  • Wedding dress
  • A person to assist you (usually a bridesmaid or a friend)
  • Wedding dress lacing cord or ribbon (if not provided with the dress)


  1. Preparation:
    • Put on any undergarments, shapewear, or bridal accessories that you plan to wear on your wedding day. Ensure that your hair and makeup are done or at least secured out of the way.
  2. Positioning:
    • Stand in front of a full-length mirror, preferably with the help of a friend or bridesmaid who will assist you in lacing up the dress.
  3. Identify the Lacing Area:
    • Locate the lacing area on your wedding dress. This is typically at the back of the dress, starting from the top and going down to the waist or lower, depending on the style of your dress.
  4. Thread the Laces:
    • If your dress already has laces attached, make sure they are untangled and ready to use.
    • If your dress does not come with laces, use a long ribbon or lacing cord. Start by threading it through the top two eyelets or loops at the very top of the dress.
  5. Begin Lacing:
    • Have your friend or assistant hold both ends of the lacing cord. Position yourself with your back to them.
    • Cross the right end of the lacing cord over to the left side and thread it through the second pair of eyelets or loops from the top, pulling it tight.
    • Cross the left end of the lacing cord over to the right side and thread it through the next pair of eyelets or loops, pulling it tight.
    • Repeat this crisscross lacing pattern down the back of the dress.
  6. Tighten Gradually:
    • As you lace down the dress, periodically stop and tighten the lacing. Ensure that the dress fits comfortably but snugly. The lacing should gently cinch your waist and provide support to the bodice.
  7. Continue to the Bottom:
    • Keep lacing until you reach the bottom of the dress or until the lacing pattern specified for your particular dress style.
  8. Secure the Ends:
    • Tie a bow or knot at the bottom of the lacing to secure it. You can also ask your assistant to tie it for you.
  9. Final Adjustments:
    • After tying the laces, make any final adjustments to ensure the dress fits perfectly. Check that the bodice is secure, and the dress is comfortable to move in.
  10. Trim Excess Lacing (Optional):
    • If you have a lot of excess lacing cord or ribbon, you can trim it to a more manageable length. Be careful not to cut it too short.
  11. Bustle (if applicable):
    • If your wedding dress has a train and a bustle, make sure it’s properly secured after lacing up the dress. Follow the specific bustle instructions provided with your dress.
  12. Final Look:
    • Once everything is in place, stand in front of the mirror to admire your beautifully laced wedding dress.

Lacing up a wedding dress can be a special and intimate moment shared with a loved one, so enjoy the process and the anticipation of your big day.

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