how to lace up hey dudes

Lacing up Hey Dude shoes, which are known for their comfort and slip-on style, can be a bit different from traditional lace-up shoes. Here’s how to lace up Hey Dude shoes:

Materials Needed:

  • Hey Dude shoes
  • Laces (if your Hey Dude shoes have lace eyelets)


  1. Prepare Your Shoes:
    • Ensure that your Hey Dude shoes are clean and ready for lacing.
  2. Check for Lace Eyelets:
    • Some Hey Dude shoe models have lace eyelets, while others do not. If your shoes have lace eyelets (small holes), you can add laces for a different look or added security.
  3. Thread the Laces (Optional):
    • If your Hey Dude shoes have lace eyelets and you want to add laces, start by threading one lace end through one of the bottom eyelets from the inside of the shoe, so the lace comes out to the outside. Repeat with the other lace and eyelet.
  4. Cross and Thread (Optional):
    • If you’ve threaded laces through the bottom eyelets, cross the laces and thread them through the next set of eyelets from the inside to the outside, creating a crisscross pattern.
    • Continue crisscrossing the laces up the shoe, threading them through the eyelets until you reach the top or until you’re satisfied with the lacing style.
  5. Tie the Laces (Optional):
    • Once you’ve laced your Hey Dude shoes through the eyelets, tie a bow or knot at the top to secure the laces. This adds a traditional lace-up look to your Hey Dude shoes.
  6. Slip-On Style (Alternative):
    • Many people choose to wear Hey Dude shoes in their slip-on style, without adding laces. To do this, simply omit threading laces through the eyelets and wear the shoes without tying any knots or bows.
  7. Adjust for Comfort:
    • Whether you’ve laced up your Hey Dude shoes or left them in slip-on style, make sure they fit comfortably. Adjust the lacing or the shoe’s elastic components to achieve the desired snugness.
  8. Trim Excess Laces (Optional):
    • If you’ve added laces and find them too long, you can trim the excess lace length, leaving enough for tying knots or bows if needed.

Remember that Hey Dude shoes are designed for comfort and easy wear, so many people prefer to wear them without laces for a slip-on, hassle-free experience. However, if you choose to add laces for style or security, you have the option to do so following the steps above.

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