how to level up mounts in rlcraft

In the popular Minecraft modpack “RLCraft,” leveling up your mounts can be a useful way to improve their stats and abilities. Here’s how to level up mounts in RLCraft:

  1. Tame a Mount:
    • Before you can level up a mount, you need to tame one. You can find various mounts in the game, such as horses, flying mounts, or even aquatic mounts. To tame a mount, right-click on it (or use the appropriate interaction key) with an empty hand or the specific item required for taming, such as apples or seeds.
  2. Mount Your Tamed Animal:
    • After successfully taming a mount, right-click on it to mount and ride it. Different mounts have various controls for mounting.
  3. Leveling Up:
    • Mounts in RLCraft level up through use. The more you ride and use your mount, the more it will level up. You will gain experience points for your mount as you use it for various tasks, such as traveling, jumping, or swimming.
  4. Monitor Your Mount’s Level:
    • To check your mount’s level, dismount it and right-click on it with an empty hand. This action should bring up a menu that displays your mount’s level, XP progress, and any available skill points.
  5. Use Skill Points:
    • As your mount levels up, it will earn skill points that you can spend to improve its abilities. Right-click on your mount again to open the menu, and use the skill points to enhance specific stats, such as speed, health, or jump height.
  6. Keep Riding:
    • Continue using your mount regularly to earn more XP and level it up further. The higher the level of your mount, the more skill points it will accumulate for further customization.
  7. Equip Your Mount:
    • Depending on the modpack version, you may have the option to equip your mount with armor or accessories that provide additional benefits or protection.
  8. Feed Your Mount:
    • In some versions of RLCraft, feeding your mount the appropriate food items can also contribute to its growth and well-being. Experiment with different foods to see what your mount prefers.
  9. Care for Your Mount:
    • Ensure your mount’s health is maintained by avoiding dangerous situations or battles that could harm it. Some mounts can be healed with specific items or magic spells.
  10. Stay Safe:
    • Keep in mind that RLCraft is a challenging modpack, and there are various dangers in the game. Protect your mount from hostile creatures, environmental hazards, and other threats.
  11. Enjoy the Benefits:
    • Leveled-up mounts become faster, more agile, and more useful for traveling and combat. Make the most of your leveled-up mount to explore the world and face the challenges of RLCraft.

Leveling up mounts in RLCraft adds an exciting dynamic to the game and enhances your ability to navigate and survive in the challenging world it offers. Remember to always keep an eye on your mount’s progress and care for it to ensure it remains a valuable asset in your adventures.

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