how to keep squirrels off fence

Keeping squirrels off a fence can be a bit challenging, as these agile animals are skilled climbers. However, there are several strategies you can employ to deter squirrels from using your fence as a pathway or gathering spot:

  1. Use Squirrel-Repellent Sprays:
    • Apply commercially available squirrel-repellent sprays to your fence. These sprays typically contain natural or chemical ingredients that deter squirrels due to their scent or taste. Reapply as needed, especially after rain.
  2. Install Squirrel Baffles:
    • Squirrel baffles are dome-shaped devices made of metal or plastic that you can attach to fence posts or other structures. They create a barrier that squirrels find difficult to climb over. Install them along the top of your fence or on specific sections where squirrels are a problem.
  3. Prune Nearby Trees and Branches:
    • Squirrels often use overhanging trees and branches to jump onto fences. Prune nearby trees and remove any branches that provide easy access to your fence.
  4. Use Netting or Mesh:
    • Install netting or mesh along the top of your fence to prevent squirrels from climbing over. Ensure it is securely attached and that there are no gaps for squirrels to slip through.
  5. Install Electric Fencing:
    • Electric fencing can be effective at deterring squirrels. These fences deliver a mild, non-lethal shock when touched, discouraging squirrels from climbing.
  6. Apply Slick Surfaces:
    • Squirrels have difficulty gripping smooth, slick surfaces. Consider painting or coating your fence with a slippery substance like a non-toxic, water-based paint or a lubricant like petroleum jelly.
  7. Use Motion-Activated Devices:
    • Install motion-activated devices such as sprinklers or ultrasonic repellent devices near the fence. When squirrels approach, these devices activate and startle them, making them less likely to use the fence.
  8. Provide Alternative Food Sources:
    • Place squirrel feeders or bird feeders away from the fence to distract squirrels with a readily available food source.
  9. Remove Attractants:
    • Ensure that there are no food sources, such as fallen fruit or unsecured garbage, near the fence that might attract squirrels.
  10. Secure Trash Containers:
    • Use tight-fitting lids on trash cans and secure them with bungee cords or heavy weights to prevent squirrels from accessing food scraps.
  11. Apply Repellent Scents:
    • Sprinkle or hang repellent scents around the fence, such as mothballs, cayenne pepper, or commercial squirrel repellent pouches. These odors can deter squirrels.
  12. Regular Maintenance:
    • Continuously monitor and maintain your chosen deterrents. Squirrels can be persistent, so you may need to adjust or reinforce your efforts over time.

Remember that persistence and a combination of deterrent methods are often necessary to effectively keep squirrels off your fence. Be patient and adaptable in your approach, and you’ll increase your chances of success in deterring these agile creatures.

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